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Tui Ridge has a range of activities to offer. The activities are structured to challenge the participants using challenge by choice. There are opportunities to work on both personal development and team building challenges. Tui Ridge offers instructed and un-instructed activities; The instructed activities will be facilitated by a qualified Tui Ridge instructor while the non-instructed activities are lead out by your own group leaders. Tui Ridge will provide all equipment required for the un-instructed activities. Please read and download all activity documentation prior to camp. 

There are regulations around group sizes and ratios when participating in an instructed activity. We ask that your large group is broken down into small rotation groups of no more than 12. If there are variations to this requirement please feel free to communicate further with our bookings staff. 

When taking part in the activities at Tui Ridge you will need to ensure you have suitable clothing and footwear. It is recommended that all participants wear long shorts or trousers to prevent harness rub. You must wear covered in footwear. All long hair will need to be tied back as this can be a safety hazard. 

Tui Ridge activities will continue even in the rain. It is important that all participants come equipped with wet weather clothing options. The Tui Ridge instructors and Tui Ridge management reserve the right to stop activities for any safety related situation. 

Typical rotations run for 90 minutes. Our times for these are 9:00am, 10.45am, 1.30pm & 3:15pm. View a sample programme and rotation schedule here 

All chargeable activities are available for hire from Sunday - Friday. Only un-instructed activities are available on Saturdays. All activities booked for children must have adults with them to assist the instructor. If you wish to provide your own instructors for specific activities they must have relevant and current qualifications that must be sited and approved by Tui Ridge Park.
Qualified TRP staff will run the following activities
(maximum of 12 per group / rotation)

Abseiling - $12.00 per person

Archery Attack - $12.00 per person

Slingshot Paintball - $12.00 per person

Air Rifle Range - $12.00 per person

Bubble Soccer - $12.00 per person

BMX - $12.00 per person

Flying Fox - $12.00 per person

Giant Swing - $12.00 per person

High Ropes - $12.00 per person

Indoor Rock Climbing - $12.00 per person

Mountain Biking - $12.00 per person

Uninstructed activities are run by your group leaders.  Tui Ridge provide information on running the activities below.  Some un-instructed activities are free with accomodation.  All others are $3.50 per person as listed below.


Burma Trail - free with accommodation

Confidence Course - free with accommodation

Frisbee Golf - free with accommodation

Indoor Gym Sports - $3.50 per person

Nerf Wars - $3.50 per person

Orienteering - $3.50 per person

Rope Maze - $3.50 per person

Team Building - $3.50 per person

Top Team - $3.50 per person

Outdoor Amphitheatre - free with overnight bookings
A wide range of Sports Equipment - free with overnight bookings
Large Sports Field - free with overnight bookings
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