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Our Catering team are committed to supplying tasty, healthy food for all guests. We have a comprehensive vegetarian menu, while our meat menus include beef and chicken. 

We have two options for menus - Standard which is vegetarian and Premium which is Meat.

To cover a wide variety of functions and requirements we are happy to discuss other options. Some suggestions are shown below. While this is only a small selection, please feel free to discuss any other option you would like to consider. 


Pizza, Wraps, Frittata, Burgers, Soup & Rolls 

Dinner or Lunch 

Nachos, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Bangers and Mash, Cottage Pie, Baked potato with TRP Chilli bean sauce, 

Pasta Bake, Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Curry, Chicken and chilli burrito, BBQ 

A Large variety of vegetarian dishes 


Ambrosia, Trifle, Bread & Butter Pudding, Rice Pudding & Fruit, Banana Split, Fruit Sponge, Chocolate Pudding 


Tea and Coffee are available at all times for the adult helpers and teachers. 

Hot Chocolate is served with Breakfast. 



Guests often bring biscuits or delicious home baking for morning tea, afternoon tea and supper. However, we can provide morning and afternoon tea. See catering prices for more info.


Typical times for meals are: 

Breakfast : 8.00am 

Lunch: 12.30pm 

Dinner. 5:30pm 

These times can be altered to for your programme 



Please note that Tui Ridge Park is an alcohol and smoke free facility 


While we take every care to ensure our meals meet special dietary requirements, we can only work from information supplied. We cannot take responsibility for misinformation or lack of information. Please ensure all special requirements are fully disclosed at least 14 days prior to the camp. 

If there is a severe allergy involved, we request direct contact be made with us, to ensure safety guidelines/Waivers are very clearly communicated. 

"While we take reasonable care, all food is made in the same kitchen and served alongside other dishes. Our food may contain traces of eggs, dairy, wheat, gluten, nuts, soy, yeast, fats and other ingredients that may cause allergies. We are therefore unable to give any complete assurances about the presence or lack of any ingredient in any dish at Tui Ridge." 


All prices Include GST and are priced per person. 

During Weekdays our kitchen only caters for groups of at least 30 or more people. 

Please note that groups under 80 persons may be required to share the dining room with others

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Our property is a smoke free and alcohol free site

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