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Our property is a smoke free alcohol free site

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Adventure Activity Safety
Audit Certified

May 2019 - April 2022



Your Main Host can be found at the office during normal office hours (Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm). Any hours outside of these will be hosted by your ‘after hours’ or ‘weekend’ host.  The after hours host will be contactable via the phone found in the corner of the foyer.


When you arrive:

Please make contact with your Host on arrival. Tui Ridge Park is required to do a group ‘brief’ before the commencement of any camp.  The host will do this at the groups earliest convenience.


Before you leave:

Please clean your cabins and dorms before you leave.  A Cleaning Checklist is provided on your arrival.  All cleaning equipment can be found in your cleaning cupboard in the Kitchen. Please contact your host when you are ready to leave.  Your host will do a physical check and release your group once this is completed.


Please organize 1 adult to make toast for your group. This person must arrive 30mins prior to the start of breakfast. The toast machine can be found in the GMC. Your host will be available to give instructions on how to operate the toast machine.


Tui Ridge Park has incorporated the cleaning costs for your accommodation into the daily rate. Please be aware that the GMC (Dining Room) is the groups responsibility to keep clean. The following duties are required of the group while using our GMC: (We would expect each group to be prepared to carry these duties out at the commencement of each meal - morning and afternoon tea included)

  • Return all dirty dishes to dish bay

  • Vacuum room

  • Spray and wipe tables

  • Pick up all rubbish

  • Clean the tea and coffee area

  • Return dirty mug tray to dishes area (found next to lea and coffee)


We have Eftpos facilities in our office for credit card or eftpos payments. Unfortunately we are unable to provide a 'cash out' service.



There is a projector mounted in the GMC that guests may use when using the GMC facility. We have a 'floating' projector available for rent. This costs $80 per day.


Sound System

We have a small sound system in the GMC for use when groups require a microphone. This system is not portable and is situated inside the GMC. It has one microphone and sound input for other instruments or devices.


Apple TV

We have an Apple TV for use in the GMC. This will allow guests to play movies from Netflix or rent/purchase movies from the iTunes store. Please note that we do not have a DVD player.


We have 2 laundry facilities available for guests. These are operated by $2 and $1 coins.

Please bring your own washing powder with you to camp.

We have one laundry facility in Dorm 2 and another facility in Ablution block 2. For details see our site map.

Incident Reports:

If any of your group (adults included) have an incident they need to report, please go to the main office and fill out the incident report form.  We will require a copy of the form.



Please report any damage or maintenance issues to your Host promptly.


TRP Gate Access:

The Tui Ridge Park gates will be open 24 hours during your stay

Wireless Internet:

  • Wireless internet tickets are available for purchase - It is called “Cityfi”

  • $7 per day (24hrs) per device for unlimited data or $15 for 7 days of access

  • You can pay for this online via credit card or purchase tickets from the office

  • The Wifi range is limited to the foyer and GMC

Limited Cell Phone Coverage:

Please note that TRP has very limited cell phone coverage. Please come prepared to make alternative arrangements for emergencies. We have land line phone services at the TRP office and can offer any assistance needed. lnternational / Mobile call costs will need to be passed onto the group / guests.


Speed Limits

Please adhere the 30km speed limit on all of our roads.  Most of our roads are gravel which requires care when driving.  As some of our bike tracks and activity areas also require the roads to access them there may be pedestrians using the road.  Please be vigilant at all times while driving in the park.


Golf Carts

TRP have a few golf carts on site for staff use.  Unfortunately we cannot lend these out to groups.  Please keep campers away from the carts at all times.


Site Maps

We have a supply of Site Maps available in the office.  If you would like one please download one here.

Medical Centre

Tui Ridge Park is a 30min drive from the nearest Emergency Medical Centre. We recommend guest attend Lakes Primecare - Accident & Urgent Medical Care Centre.


First Aid

It is the responsibility of the group to provide their own first aid kit and provide first aid to their group.  Tui Ridge will act as ‘back up’ first aiders.


Smoke and Alcohol Free

Tui Ridge Park is a smoke and alcohol free facility. 

Linen Hire

We have bedding available for hire. Guests will be required to make their own beds.

Costs per day:

2x Sheets, 1x Duvet, 1x Towel = $10.00


We have a 6 burner BBQ available for hire. Cost per use is $20. Guests are required to clean the BBQ at the completion of use. A cleaning fee of $30 is charged for the return of a dirty BBQ.